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Eating mock meat: Explained
Vegan Perception
A simple way to explain to meat-eating friends and family why vegetarians use mock meat products instead of just eating actual meat:

To the meat-eaters in the audience: What was the last time you ate a plain, unseasoned piece of meat, poultry or fish? As in just cooked it in the oven with no seasoning or fats added for flavor? Probably never (or possibly by mistake when first learning to cook!)

There are FLAVORS associated with those foods that make them appetizing; the aromatic herbs in a roasted chicken or that wood-smoked taste of steak on the grill (or that additional sweet and savory flavor of BBQ sauce on ribs!

Vegetarians don't miss meat. We miss the memory associated with those meat-based foods. THIS is the reason for mock products. Meat alternatives allow us plant-based eaters to enjoy our favorite dishes while still remaining true to the ethics and values that lead us to this lifestyle in the first place.