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first post of the new year!
Round Glasses

my original plan was to weigh in on january 5th but this morning i decided to face the truth head-on. i'd eaten excessively over the holidays and am happy to report the damage was only +2 1/2 lbs. this morning i'll be making a paper calendar for the year to track my progress. the goal is to lose 55 lbs.

today i also plan on cooking up some black-eyed peas, seasoned as well as vegetarian greens, cornbread, pork and vegetarian bacon. i'm committed to going vegetarian over the next 12 months and if that goes well, going completely plant-based in 2020.

i took ozz for a walk and to potty this morning, which he finally did both #1 and #2. i hate restricting him this way, but until spot comes in the yard stink-free, i can't let my bundle run loose (or by his birthday on the 13th - should be enough time for the skunk smell to wear off of his bestie).

normally i will be brewing a large pot of moringa tea everyday (and drinking as much of it as possible) but today i'll be doing matcha green tea. hopefully starting some apple cider vinegar in the morning and locating some diet pills to take as well.
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