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Good grief!
Well, Crap
Ozzee came in back from his morning potty and run with a smelly head. Spot was right behind him and STUNK! He's clearly rolled with something. Quite possibly a skunk! I washed Ozzee's front half and left notes for both Cris and Josh not to let him out off his leash and to try and keep him separated from Spot. I know he's his best friend but he's already contracted Kennel Cough from him.

I'm working 10:30am to 5:00pm today when this was originally an off day. It's self-inflicted. I picked up two different shifts (Kate, Mia and Sam are helping me fill in the gaps) But I was majorly cut on hours next week (only scheduled for 15) and when the opportunity came to make up for it, I HAD to take it. Next week I have 4 days off (3 of them in a row) and I'll have the chance to kick back, chill and regroup then.

So, I'm chugging down some coffee and in 20 minutes I'll get a hot shower. I want to weigh in on January 1st so that I can track my weight loss over the year. But I've gotten off track this month with all the delicious food from the holidays. In order to not have a shock from the #'s, I'm sticking to liquids for the next 3 days. I'll have an Evolution Fresh juice for lunch and soup for dinner. In the new year I'm planning on doing a Yogic Kitcharee Detox for the month of January. I'll have an independent post on this later. Okay, off I go... BEEP!