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(no subject)
March 20th 2019
I've rejuvinated my user icons and intend on starting to update my profile page interests as well. After 18+ years of blogging, I'm rather methodical about how I go about this. It's still feels a bit weird not checking in on Facebook each morning. Having my Livejournal to blather on is a help and an outlet for getting thoughts out is quite cathartic. Considering that none of my friends use this site anymore (NOTHING appeared in my PEOPLE ONLY! friends filter today) I don't have to worry about my posts receiving "Likes", reactions, or comments. I can just let it all hang out, y'all! Well, I let Ozzee out to potty about 20 minutes ago and need to bring him in, dry him off (it rained buckets last night and I'm sure he's found mud puddles!) and get him his meds. More news later... BEEP!