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Update a long time coming!
March 20th 2019
I created this journal in September of 2000 (Over 18 years ago!) In the fall of 2005, I was going through some MAJOR life changes. That Spring I had broken up with my significant other and moved in with my parents to an entirely different state. In a cathartic move, I purged ALL past journal entries (in hindsight I wish I hadn't done that, but c'est la vie!) In 2006 I started using the Facebook social media site (as did most other Livejournal users) and my use of this blogsite dwindled. Over the years, I'd had intentions of coming back here for my online activities, but ended up back at Facebook. Going into the new year, I'm taking a sabbatical (I'll return to using this media, but am unsure when) and intend on blogging here on a more regular basis (my last post was over 18 months ago) But not just right now. I've gt a doozie of a shift in front of me and need to run errands first. More news from me later... BEEP!