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The first entry in a new Kindle notebook app.
March 20th 2019
I'll admit it. I've been looking for a Kindle program to use in daily journaling. I'm not sure how versatile this one will be. But it gets major snaps for the audio playback function. It tickles me!

So far I've discovered ways to customize the notebook, page and font style as well as how to create multiple entries in a single notebook - multiple notebooks within the program.

There's even an area to password protect the entire program, providing me a place to data dump thoughts and feelings. I can't really use Facebook. And Livejournal has become a defunct blogsite. But how cool would it be if I could export random entries over to LJ?

(Just made the cut and paste function work... how cool is that?!?)

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There are still many, or at least one, who would read them :-)

I still read LJ, even if I don't use it much. Glad to see you back here! ((((Hugs))))

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