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I've joined the ranks of the other fabulous quadragenarians of this world today. WooT! WooT!
March 20th 2019

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Happy B-day stranger (well maybe not as strange as me, but still)

Thank you! (and strangely wonderful in regards to you!) I'd meant to log in during the holidays and thank you for the Harry & David. My nieces and I made a meal of them along with some fabulous red wine. It was decadent and blissful all at once. And although my thighs might not agree, my heart thanks you fully :D

(Deleted comment)
You're gonna be just as fabulous at 40. When it comes your time to get in that pool, go on and jump right in... The water's warm!

I miss you and the ladies, too. Trying my best to pull of a winter trip. Keep your fingers crossed!

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