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i live in the jungle

i sleep in a monkey tree

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Quick update. Starbucks job is going really well. I'm tired to the bone at the end of each day, but it's a good tired. Had to start "food rules" at work so that I don't put all that weight back on or make myself sick (this came on the heels of a bad IBS tummy ache after too much pastry "sampling" the other night!) I weigh the same, but I've noticed slight changes in how my pants fit. It's nice. Oh, and I'm broke. I've turned into a "Budget Vegetarian" lots of beans & rice as well as whatever I can scavenge from work (like the Strawberry & Blueberry Yogurt Parfait that I had to lunch tonight... LoL!) This is probably why I haven't spiraled up the scale, either. Finally, I have next Thursday off and will try to make a few outbound calls and touch base with friends and family. Well, back to watching the Oregon vs Stanford football game. Go ducks, go!!!

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I didn't realize you had gone back to be vegetarian, because you were off it for a while, right?

I'd say flexitarian is the best term for my current dietary habits. I eat mostly vegetarian, but will eat a little chicken or fish if somebody has cooked it for me. Left to me own devices or daily eating, it's vegetarian fare.

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