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today is for feeling good.
March 20th 2019
the jury is still out on toning sneakers. but i swear that i can tell the difference when i wear them. i can feel the additional muscle use on my legs because of the instability these sneakers bring. in fact, as soon as i'm more used to working on my feet each and every day i'm going to buy an all black pair to barista in.

speaking of being on my feet, i LOVE my nondesk job. i love feeling active all day long and at the end of the day actually feeling PHYSICALLY tired for a change and not just mentally drained. i'm still entirely awkward at all processes. mistakes are common and my tempo is slow. but that will change over time. i've done the same line of work for ten years. i'm not used to learning something new. but it's a good thing.

the money situation isn't quite as bad as i'd initially thought it would be. i've been playing it smart and that's helped out quite a bit. i've been exploring the options of ramen meals (although i stopped using the flavor packets after just a few days because the salt puffed me up like a blowfish!)

my new favorite is to cook the noodles in plain water, then make a sauce using my homemade teriyaki sauce, some crunchy peanut butter, sriracha, steamed broccoli (frozen is most economical) and shredded carrots. it's very satisfying. there are TONS of ramen recipe websites out there and lots with inspiring ideas.

i haven't gone full vegetarian. flexitarian would be a more accurate description. but the most important thing: i feel good. moving more and being conscious of what and how i eat. being more in touch with my being than i've been in a long long time. it's good. so many good things entering my life these days.

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I love this! And you. So glad to hear that things are looking up for you, my friend!

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