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Quick Update.
March 20th 2019
Things are going wonderfully at Starbucks. Barista work is a blast! (Although it's obvious by slight aches and pains that I've been working a desk job for awhile now!)

It's finally getting autumn-like here in Alabama. We've got between 54°F and 67°F forecasted for the next 10 days. Some scattered showers but overall really nice weather. Good days to go outside and watch the falling leaves!

Speaking of holiday treats, Holiday Gingerbread is right around the corner. I've already let my boss know to set aside an entire loaf for me to take home for Thanksgiving.

I've got today and tomorrow off before I start again at 6am (yikes!) My boss wants me to experience all shifts at work, both opening mid-day and closing. It's all good, tho. And a positive sign that I don't mind waking at 5am!

I had traded some movies into Movie Stop in September and was able to score used copies of Inception, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Under The Tuscan Sun and The Secret (Some of my favorite movies!) I'd also scored on finding a used copy of Waking Life. These are films I'll watch ad nauseam.

I'm back to eating a favorite super cheap Faux Pho recipe that an LJ friend of mine created a few years back. It's basically a pack of Oriental Ramen that is cooked very soupy. Then add in Sriracha, Plum (or Duck) Sauce, Fresh chopped Cilantro and Bean Sprouts.

And speaking of cooking, I made some Apple Crisp last night. Had 1/2 a cup myself then gave some away to MIL and neighbor. It's the best way to avoid letting holiday goodies expand my waistline ;)

Not much else to report. I pick Josh up this afternoon. Then do some laundry. And maybe clean the bedroom a bit. TGIF, everyone! More news later... BEEP!

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I am so happy for you to hear you have a job that you are actually enjoying!!! That is wonderful news!

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