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Good News!
March 20th 2019
It's official... I start at Starbucks tomorrow. We'll be having our holiday meeting to review all the new and returning seasonal products. I'll also be filling out my W2/I9 as well as some standard job-starting schtuff. I'm psyched! It's only 15 minutes from the house vs the 60 minutes to Comcast. It's a drop in pay, but not nearly as much as I thought it would be. I have a feeling that I'll be immensely happier there. Here comes Jenny the Barista Gal!

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Thank you :) I'm actually having a blast and working at the same time. How odd is that?

Congrats! This is awesome news, i am happy for you, my friend!

Thank you Mrs E :D I'm really enjoying work for a change. And the perks are sweet, too!


I always liked sexy baristas... now there's just one more. Too bad it's across the country.

Hrm, well, you are working for a Seattle-based company. That's gotta count for somethin'! :-p

Grins! Thank you. Everyday I go into work it's like going home a little. I love this barista work. Wish I'd tried it out earlier!

(Deleted comment)
I just found out the other day all the coffee perks. The value of that alone is a 4 digit bonus each year! Thank you for the congrats my friend. I'm feeling really good about the change.

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