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Where has everyone gone?!?
March 20th 2019

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I hate to say it, but have only a handful of friends doing posts anymore. I know that I get fed up with 6 refreshes and clicking off adds just to do a post. If I do not post it in MSWord, LJ goofs up and it is lost. I have done 8 mobile posts, none have ever showed up. I have another blog, through Google that I set up and have thought about doing because I can access it through work. However, I am posting whenever I think about it.

Love ya!

Re: Live Journal is dead

Love you too! I've heard that Google's working on a social networking site like Facebook. Supposed to be even more user friendly. I agree. LJ is pretty much dead.

Re: Live Journal is dead

I keep coming back and doing updates, because as you know I have had the same journal for over a decade. It has been too long since I have archived my journal entries... Something I need to get done over the next couple of days.

Once again, I love your user icon! I am going to try to do more updates, but I have been feeling so blue, so I hope they are not too much of a downer. (-;

Re: Live Journal is dead

Never a downer! It's always good to know you're still there, my friend!

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