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i live in the jungle

i sleep in a monkey tree

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My best work lunch...

So, this is my favorite lunch. I get packaged sliced chicken (I find a brand called Corn King Rotisserie Chicken Slices at a local store). I get a bag of raw mixed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots), cut the chicken into strips and wrap the raw vegetables in it. I'll accompany this with a flavored low-fat yogurt. This totals approximately 300 calories and leaves me FULL (with a happy-feeling tummy to boot!) Dealing with IBS on a daily basis, it's important for me to make good food choices. I'm contemplating knocking the gluten out entirely. I mean, I don't eat a whole lot of carbs right now. I'll just make sure that ones that I DO it are wheat-free. I'll report on how that goes.