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10 things you should know before moving to Seattle
Seattle is a great place to live — just ask Frasier and his brother Niles.

But those thinking of moving here should know Seattleites have their quirks. We’ve been called unkempt. A little stingy. And a whole lot of other things.

Before anyone makes up their mind about moving to Sea-town, here are 10 things they should know.

10. We drive in the left lane.
Sure, it's illegal unless you're passing. But we do it anyway. In fact, nearly 43 percent of Washington drivers recently polled by Pemco Insurance were unaware that impeding traffic in the left lane is illegal. Blame our narrow freeways. (Grant M. Haller / SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER)

9. Grunge is dead.
We tried to keep it alive for a while, because we really really liked Kurt Cobain -- and it felt like the right thing to do. Oh, well. Now Seattle's music scene is trending toward folk rock and roots music. (seattlepi.com file photo)

8. Summer is what happens when you go on vacation to Southern California.
But hey, that means you're guaranteed to have at least two weeks a year. (Getty Images)

7. No, we don't all wear socks with our sandals.
But if you're not quite sure which way the weather is going, it is an option. (seattlepi.com photo)

6. You can take your to-go cup of coffee just about anywhere.
Shopping, to a meeting, even to your best friend's wedding. Just think of it as an externally located pacemaker no one would dare ask you to throw out. You can thank Howard for that. (AP file photo / AP)

5. We don't wear that much flannel;
it's a myth that we all dress like lumberjacks. Fleece is another story. (Getty Images)

4. Reading is sexy.
No, that's not just a sticker you see on cars. It's why we built this giant library in downtown Seattle. It's why we're often listed as one of the top-literary cities in the country. It's why you just might score a date if you're reading the right book on the bus. (Getty Images)

3. Tanning makes you stand out.
Sure, you might stand out in a good way. But you might also hear someone make a hushed reference to the Oompa Loompa with raccoon eyes. (Getty Images)

2. Yes, it rains.
But not that much. Many cities across the country outrank Seattle in annual rainfall. The difference is that this is where steady precipitation drizzles September through June. (DAN DeLONG / SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER)

I can't emphasize this enough. When a few flakes fall from the sky, Seattle panics. Maybe it's the hills, or maybe it's that we want an excuse to work from home. Either way, you'd better stay in Minnesota if you think a city should function in snow. (Dan DeLong / SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER)

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... that would be get a f'in job, or have a good lead, so you're not like the fail that asked to be laid off so that unemployment would carry for 26+ more plus more and figures out that you're not employable and... bleh. I really have former employee-units that are pretty worthy-less...

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