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The 1900 House (I'd like to see this one!)
March 20th 2019

The structure standing at 50 Elliscombe Road appears, from the outside, to be a typical London townhouse. But inside, it is quite a different story. All traces of the 20th century have been removed. The house has been fitted to appear and function just as it would have in the year 1900. There is no television, computer, or microwave oven. The Bowlers had to live without the benefit of even central heating or electricity.

Visit The 1900 House, room by room, and watch the Bowlers struggle with Victorian amenities. Or take a Virtual Tour of the house, and find out more about the items the family had to learn to depend on throughout their stay. To view the video clips, you need to have QuickTime 3 or above. The latest Flash plug-in is required for the Virtual Tour.