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Good Tidings...
March 20th 2019
It's a beautiful afternoon! I had TWO 100 Quality Scores waiting in my email box when I got in this morning. It's cloudy, 87°F and over the next 10 days they've got one forecasted at 92°F and the other t 90°F. WOO HOO!!!

I've beat the bloat and have a weekend approaching in another 7 hours and 5 minutes. Did I mention that it's a payday weekend? I'm not rolling in the dough or anything like that, but it's always nice to stock up on groceries ;)

I "let it slide" nutritionally for a couple of days. But luckily I didn't completely loose my mind. And am back with a vengeance. Breakfast was a Honey & Almond Nonfat Yogurt, a S'More Luna Nutrition Bar and some Workplace Coffee with one creamer (325 calories total).

I've got Upstairs Downstairs | Masterpiece | PBS next on my Netflix queue. I'm such a geek for these British Serials. Cris and I are waiting with bated breath for the third season of Masterpiece | Wallander | PBS.

Not much planned for the weekend. Deep clean the bathroom and the fridge, run a few loads of laundry, stock up on foodage and other supplies, and READ. Mmmm... I can already feel the relaxation. More news later... BEEP!