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This is just a good life rule, folks...
March 20th 2019
If you have to preface a statement with, "I don't mean to take this out on you, but..." then whether you mean to or not, you ARE taking your anger/frustration out on the other person. You might as well say, "I know you didn't cause this, but I'm about to use you as my own personal verbal punching bag." People KNOW they are taking their frustrations out on those that don't deserve it. But they're self-absorbed and just don't CARE. Just once I'd like to counter that with, "Well, if you don't mean to do it Mr/Mrs Customer than DON'T. Just stop where you are right now and hold your emotional problems for your next appointment with your therapist." Argh.

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My personal favorite is that if the sentence starts with "Well" and does not go forward to something line "Well water..." it's an excuse... just like what you experienced.

ROFL! Yes, that's a familiar one, too. People are funny animals. That's why I often just keep company with cats ;)

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