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food review.
March 20th 2019
i try to minimize the amounts of starches that i eat daily (potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, cookies, cereal, etc). i still eat carbs in the form of a 1/2 cup of kelloggs all bran original wheat cereal, beans or legumes and one other starchie item sometime during the day. so it's important that i really pack a fiber punch with what i choose. i tried the new fiber one 90 calorie chocolate peanut butter brownies. these little guys have 5 grams of fiber to boot. most breads don't pack that punch and offer much more in the way of caloric intake.

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What did you think? These look yummy, and i know that their granola bars are delish. In fact, i like their granola bars better than most!

i really enjoyed them. these aren't a sugary-sweet brownie. the chocolate really takes center stage. and i agree with the reviews. hints of coffee flavor. i would absolutely recommend them. and i love their granola bars too!

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