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MountainWings #2255
March 20th 2019
Heavy Ink

I read years ago of the late Whitney Young. He was the
president of the Urban League, a civil rights organization.
How he handled a particular situation made a lasting impact.

While traveling on a flight in the midst of America's turbulent
times of civil rights protest, a passenger recognized him from

He approached Mr. Young and said, "I was with you and your
organization before you began all of this protesting, but now
that you've started that, you no longer have my support."

Whitney Young was unruffled, perhaps accustomed to much
criticism in such times. He quickly removed a small blank
notepad and pen from his suit pocket and handed it to the man.

He calmly asked, "I would like to present your comments to our
board of directors, but I would also like to present your
contributions to our cause while you were with us. If you would
be so kind as to list the things that you did for us while we
had your support, I would greatly appreciate it.

I would like our board to know exactly what we have lost."

Whitney had learned from years of experience and never was the
notepad ever filled with so much as a scratch of ink.

I never forgot that simple lesson.

There are times when we are presented with constructive
criticism from those who truly wish us well and actively help
us to do better.

There are also many other times we will receive comments from
those qho are simply miffed about a pet peeve of theirs.

They don't know our vision or our purpose.

Maybe there is something they simply don't like or are jealous
of and it's a personal thing.

Mr. Young's actions come to mind whenever such situations arise.

Whenever someone says they are leaving, be it my life, the
church I pastor, my company, or MountainWings, I have never
actually handed them a notepad, but I write their contributions
in my mind so I can answer the question,

"What am I really losing?"

So many moan and sulk for years over things and people gone from
their lives who would have had an empty notepad. They made no
contribution for the good in your world, only a loud noise as
they left.

In many cases, not only would the notepad have been empty,
but also they would have stolen the pad.

Don't judge a person's comments or exit from your world solely
on whether they've done anything for you, but the ink on that
notepad weighs in heavily and should bring you closer to the
reality of what you have actually lost.

It's heavy ink.

~A MountainWings Original~