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Your Good Karma: 33 Ways of Giving Freely and Happily
March 20th 2019
by Arina Nikitina

The law of Karma states “What goes around comes around”. I believe this.

Life does not just happen to us, it requires our active participation. We have a very real power to transform the world around us by changing our thoughts, emotions and, consequently our actions.

Today I want to tell you the story about a black cat named Moses. When my friend, Emanuela, saw Moses at SPCA he was 8 years old. Both of his ears were torn, his tail was broken in four places and some of his fur was missing. Doctors said Moses had about one year left to live, as he was diagnosed with cat’s HIV. No one wanted him and that was the main reason Emanuela took him.

She gave a home to the cat that for years has been used as bait at illegal dog fights, because she felt that it was the right thing to do.

Moses is now 11 years old. He likes to run in the garden, sleep by the heater in the winter time and what is more surprising – after everything that he has been through, he still loves people and does not mind dogs. (you can see Moses’ pictures here)

This black cat’s story made me reflect on the true meaning of kindness and compassion.

Someone very dear to me has once said that is it much easier to be generous than to be kind. Generosity, just as intelligence and joviality, are the traits of character, the ‘gifts’ we are born with. But there are a few qualities like kindness, compassion and humility that we are meant to develop for as long as we live.

Being kind towards someone you do not particularly like is not a talent or a skill, but a choice.

Every single day of our life we get to decide between doing what is easy, comfortable, self-benefiting and doing what we feel is right. What is right for you? I do not know.

But here are a few random acts of kindness that I could think of (apart from adopting a homeless cat) that will definitely help you to activate your good Karma circle and lead a happier, more compassionate life.

33 Ways of Giving Freely and Happily:
1. Say “Good morning” to the person standing next to you in the elevator
2. Refrain from making a negative remark about your colleague’s short-comings
3. Put some coins in another person’s parking meter
4. Return emails promptly
5. Be nice to a sales person, who calls your home phone
6. Do not snap at your spouse when they do something that irritates you
7. Offer to pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor when it is raining outside
8. Pick up a plastic bottle lying in the street and put it in the trash
9. Help a young mother carry a baby stroller down the steps
10. Buy an extra cup of coffee for your co-worker
11. Take a minute to give directions to someone who is lost (even though you are in a hurry)
12. Offer a prayer for someone in need
13. Donate relief funds to help people cope with the earthquake and tsunami in Japan (You can donate directly to the Japanese Red Cross here)
14. Spend an hour talking to your mom and listening patiently to whatever she wants to share with you
15. Give up your seat for someone, who looks more tired than you are
16. During heavy traffic let a driver merge into your lane
17. Volunteer to look after your friend’s pet while they are on vacation
18. Offer change when the person in front of you at the cash register comes up short
19. Leave a great book you have just finished reading on the train for others to read
20. Set up an agenda to remind yourself about your friends’ birthdays and anniversaries
21. Spread the word about someone, who you know needs help
22. Give some of your old clothes away to a non-profit organization
23. Play a game with your child, when you do not feel like playing
24. Take a product off the top shelf in the supermarket for someone who is shorter than you
25. Give entrepreneurs from poor counties a chance to start their own business. (Visit Kiva for all the details)
26. Give a compliment about your waiter or a shop assistant to their manager
27. Let someone jump the queue at the bank
28. Buy an inspirational book for a friend
29. Baby-sit for a young couple, so that they can go out and spend the whole evening together
30. Have a conversation with a homeless person
31. Invite someone, who is new in town to your house for dinner
32. Offer to take your friend to the airport for an early flight
33. Find strength not to judge those who have done Moses wrong