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food, sweet food (without all the calories!)
March 20th 2019
yoplait light yogurt...

(pineapple upside down cake is my favorite!

wrigley dessert sensations gum...

(key lime is my favorite!)

i think that whomever invited these amazing items should get the nobel prize ;) i get the taste of dessert without the calories from dessert. and the probiotics from the yogurt are good for me to boot! just some of the things that make me smile and have greatly aided in my weight loss endeavors.

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Sopmeone else was telling me about those desert gums recently, too, that they are soo good! I will have to try them out!
i dig the activa desert yogurts...not sure how many calories, but very yummy.
I love plain or vanilla yougurt over granola - i make Hillbilly Housewife (you can look up the site with that name) 's recipe for granola, and mix in some yogurt...yummy.

they truly do feel like you're treating yourself. i've got some tested hungry girl dessert recipes that satisfy the sweet tooth without adding to the hips. will get some of them posted here on lj!

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