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March 20th 2019
wow. it's been... over 5 months since i've posted here on lj. we lost our internet access and i can't get to any social networking sites at work. i've managed to gain access. today.

northern alabama saw tornados and storms yesterday that are possibly the worst on record. although without power and minimal supplies, our home is without damage and we are all healthy/safe.

we've found a place to charge our cell phones. i'm hoping to hitch a ride to town this afternoon to pick up some canned goods. may be several days before power is restored.

on a positive note, i don't know how many days before i'll be able to return to work. looks like i'll have some free time to spring clean and declutter at the house. catch up on reading. good times!

i read the last post from november 5th. hard to believe but i've taken off an additional 25lbs from then. i'm really needing to impliment more exercise. just starting fitness walking a few weeks ago.

cris and i celebrated our fifth anniversary on april 7th. no matter what comes my way (life always has it's share of bitter days) having him around definitely eases the pain. and i'm happy. more news later. beep!

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I was thinking of you today, glad to hear you guys are relitivly unscathed. I haven't watched any of the news footage yet, but i heard Alabama got hit really hard. Keeping you all in my prayers!

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