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Goodbye, Stink Man.
March 20th 2019
We lost our Stinky Cat on the 4th of July. He'd come home about 10 days earlier with his face scuffed up and a scratch on his side and a little tear on his privates. But he seemed fine. Cris was putting some blue medicine on him to keep the green flies and maggots off.

That night he came stumbling into the kitchen. It was almost like he knew it was his time to go. He wanted to spend a little time with Cris and me. He went back outside and walked to an area under the trees where folks were sitting in chairs. Ms Mona picked him up to hold and love him a little.

And all of a sudden he starting twitching and bleeding. Cris came out and said he was gone in just a few minutes.

I miss him something fierce. He was a good cat and valued member of our family. He liked to stay up late with Cris watching him play Guitar Hero and sharing Taco Bell Bean Burritos. He liked to snuggle on my lap after eating wet catfood. Everyone who came by to visit us knew and loved Mr Stink.

I've been saying a prayer for him over the last few days, "Oh Buddhas & Bodhisattvas of the ten directions and three times, Please protect and guide Stinky on his journey. May he be free from fear and clinging to this life. May he find a favorable rebirth." I wanted to share just a couple of photos we'd found of him today.

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Sounds like he went the way anyone would want to - with some good friends and lots of love.

Thank you. He truly was a cat with class and style.

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