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March 20th 2019
it's been ages since i've blogged. i mean, the real kind of blogging that doesn't have a maximum character length limiting one to a few glib sentences. i wonder if i even remember how to do it.

lately i've been reading a series of short stories from fantasy the best of the year: 2007 edition. i've enjoyed them all; some of them more than others and a few quite well.

i just finished reading, "naturally" by daniel handler. our main character is found dead in the park on the very first page. but it's a good story, really. and a particular passage from said story has been in the front of my mind.

"lines get old because people say them over and over," hank said. "it's the same story-we all lose our charms in the end."

it's food for thought, indeed. is it truly a losing battle to remain interesting to another person over many years? how does one avoid becoming that same old song and dance?

the job search has had more ups than downs. whatever gods that be have seen to it that comcast didn't offer me a job (or return most of my calls after the in-office prescreen for that matter). and it's probably a merciful fate. another call center job could drive me past the edges of sanity.

and as much as i love the abundance of free time, i miss having funds in which to get by and them some on. i need lottery money. that's the ticket (no pun intended ;)

my recent indulgence has been banquet peach pies. they are the size of a regular banquet pot pie and cook quite well in the microwave. i get them for a steal at the dollar general market: $0.60/each.

i've also found them in apple and berry flavors. both are worthy and i'm thinking would be perfected with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

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Be well and be happy :-)

Ever since I parted ways with Fakeboon, I no see random thoughts of you!

I know. I ended up going the lazy man's way of blogging ;P Time to try out real sentences and paragraphs for change!

Hey Miss Lady, good to see you posting!

Thank you kindly, lady! I'm going to try to do a little more of it.

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