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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
March 20th 2019
The Good
We got our shift bid results today. I got my #4 pick. I'll be working 8:45am to 4:15pm with VARIABLE days off. It's a 4 week rotating schedule and starts on the 31st of this month. My FIRST weekend off since August, to boot! I'll work 5 days (Monday thru Friday), take Saturday off, work 5 days (Sunday thru Thursday), take Friday off, work 3 days (Saturday thru Monday), take Tuesday and Wednesday off, work 7 days (Thursday thru Wednesday), take 4 days off (Thursday thru Sunday) then start the cycle all over again. I'm in process of filling in a 2009 calendar so that Cris and I don't lose track of when I work and when I don't. It's goofy to be sure. But I've secured daytime hours. Not to mention that I'll have a FOUR DAY WEEKEND every month! I figure if I was working like at a grocery or something not only would I not have consistent hours or days, but I wouldn't know 6 months out what those hours were going to be. Still feeling blessed at DirecTv.

The Bad
I SHOULD be drinking water. I've been doing such a very good job of staying hydrated. But it's a crazy in queue phone day here at work. So I felt like drinking a Diet Dr Pepper. It's one of the few diet sodas that I think tastes close to it's original version. It's so good (maybe this should've gone on the good list ;)

The Ugly
We got into the single digits temp-wise last night. Now our potty and kitchen sink don't have water. Cris says since the temp won't be above freezing today or tonight that we won't know the damages until tomorrow. And most likely with that length of freeze time that the water will expend to bursting the pipes. We'll have to repipe (which we've WANTED to do to add in wate heater and shower) but he doesn't know how much that will cost. Whatever the cost, probably WAY more than we have. Any good thoughts on this from my friends out there will be greatly appreciated!!!