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back on the chain gang...
March 20th 2019
Ugh. I've only finished my 8 week training with West/AT&T and I'm already burned out on this job. It's even worse than Bothell. Nobody is happy here and the misery seems to hang like a soupy fog.

I've applied to the Directv call center down the road so please keep your fingers crossed for me. It not only has comp free TV, but a better work atmosphere and health insurance that's worth a damn.

On a better note, I've been working the Weight Watchers program since April 22nd and have lost 5lbs. Going back to the gym this week. Maybe that wil help improve my disposition. More news from me later. Beep!

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*crosses fingers for more Happy*

Congrats on the 5 lbs, I really need to exercise more, too. I always seem to 'not have time'.

Hey stranger, hope you're happy :-)

ack! When is now a good time to give you a ring?
my timing is a butt shaped fruit.

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