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Puppy Goodness...
March 20th 2019
Lucy Lou was born November 11, 2007. She’s my Christmas present from my Cris.

Lucy Lou is a Tuxedo Rat Terrier (and the only Tuxedo variety in her litter!) She’s a sweetheart. So snuggly. But feisty! She thinks she’s ten feet tall and bullet-proof. You should see the fuss she puts up to our 100lb lab, Buddy. The cat is curious about her (keeps her distance but will stay in the room watching and sleep on the bed with her at the same time) and will probably be the first animal here that befriends her. Who would’ve thought it? My Mad Cat is just cool that way. More puppy news to come :)

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Aw! How cute! I should post the picture of my puppy, being that she has gotten so big over the last couple of years. (-:

OMG, she is too too cute!

awwww, she's adoreable

So cute!

It seems this was the year for baby pets, as we got two kitten sisters.

Your dog has been on my mind since this post. My mom has thought about getting one of these so our dog would not be so lonely since I showed her the picture. (-:

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